Lego Life

Lego Engineering 


My first born was made to engineer… I mean seriously he is always creating and configuring. His mind is on constant go mode.

At some point this week he was watching {another *eyeroll*} YouTube video about building with LEGO, and today I saw him pickup a book about LEGO machines (amazon link below) that he had gotten for Christmas. Within a few minutes he had come up with his own little machine and I am, once again,  impressed.


The LEGO Technic Idea Book: Simple Machines







Science for the Littles

How to keep the littles occupied with Science    Lesson 1 


This was an amazingly fun activity we did back in March before it got too crazy summer hot here in the south…

So, I used a large cake pan (back from my baking days, more on that another day). Really you could use any ol’ container that will hold water… maybe recycle a plastic milk carton or use a little beach bucket.

Fill said container with water and add all sorts of toys.

Place in freezer (time depends on size of container) just check on it every time someone small asks for a snack. Nah- jk- you would never get it to freeze if you check every 3 minutes. Best to let it freeze overnight, though I did it while my bigs were at school and it was ready as soon as they got home.

I gave the kiddos a small bowl of salt, a tray of watercolor paints and paint brushes.

This seriously kept them busy for OVER AN HOUR !!  I was completely shocked with how intrigued they were and continued to be while salt painting and removing the toys. It was AWESOME!


Personal Parenting Journey

My Littles

My home is a never-ending comedy show. I promise. This boy mom thing is the funniest and most entertaining life I could imagine. I absolutely love every bit of it.


My first-born is my little computer genius. This child started taking apart computer keyboards when he was two, just so he could figure out how to put it back together correctly. He has been technologically gifted, and that was apparent very early on in his life. He is a strong and avid reader, and could spend an entire day with a good book, although he would finish the book before noon.  He also reads instruction manuals in his free time.  He is a very kind and sensitive soul and a protective big brother. Always so polite and happy to help.

My second born, is my little daredevil and a lover. He seriously loves adventure, and seems to have no fear. He is the bug catcher (extremely important job in “the south”)  and a football lover. Aside from this wild man persona, he is the hugger of our group. Definitely his daddy’s mini-me . He can make friends with anyone he meets and is a serious flirt. He knows the way to a ladies heart. He just has that way about him, it’s a remarkable gift. He understands giving compliments, a smile and a hug can really make someone’s day. Such a generous soul and always quick to share anything he has.

Third, oh, my sweet third born. The toothpaste addict. Well, he is something. He has a wild imagination and follows his brothers constantly. He is very witty and has an ability to learn things quickly. He uses his manners, which always impresses people. He has an extensive vocabulary and enjoys being in charge. Apparently. When daddy leaves the house, this kid HAS to give a proper farewell, which usually is as follows : ” bye dad, have a good day, see you after school, thanks for brushin my teeth”. True Story. You will actually never get tired of the stories about his crazy antics. If you are looking for a belly rumbling laugh session… stay tuned for more of this kid.

Fourth, our tiny thinker.  He is a quiet guy most of the time, and enjoys playing quietly. So much about him reminds me of my first-born. He is very logical in how he wants to figure things out. He is incredible at puzzles. Loves them and can complete them with lightning speed. He has the talent of being able to wreck his entire room, dump and flip every single toy within 2 minutes of free play. It is truly a talent. I’m sure there must be some Guinness record this little one could break.




When I Grow Up

I remember being asked as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I am sure I never had a confident answer.

This question is asked of children quite often.

Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A child’s response may be along the lines of a profession. Doctor. Scientist. Teacher. Firefighter. Farmer. Police Officer. Monkey Handler. All very prestigious career choices.

How many times have you heard a child answer with a character trait; i.e. When I grow up, I want to be smart, kind, friendly, generous, helpful, etc. 

Are these as important as your career goals? Are we building their character up as much as we stress the college and career choices. 

Is what you are simply defined as your job? 

I have thought on many different occasions what will be next for me. What am I going to do when I grow up, and what are my goals.  I have some background in preschool education, management and nursery care. Possibly find myself back in that path. Maybe pursue a higher education for myself, I have thought many times of teaching. I have even considered a path in children’s ministries. 

Right now I am looking at attempting Homeschooling. I have been researching and preparing for it for 2 years now. We have moved many times and all of the schools my children have been enrolled in have left me with negative emotions. Not at any fault of the teachers themselves. For many other reasons, most significantly, the interactions between my children’s peers and towards my children. The rude and unkind attitudes that have been rampant in the schools are making it very difficult for my children, who enjoy learning and want to achieve their goals. 

When I grow up I want to be a positive influence on my children and others around us. I want my children to understand the value in character as well as education. 

Every day is another opportunity. A chance to improve the lives of everyone around us, as well as our own. Maybe a smile, maybe a kind gesture. Maybe sharing some of my knowledge and experiences with others. 

What will you be when you grow up?