Science for the Littles

How to keep the littles occupied with Science    Lesson 1 


This was an amazingly fun activity we did back in March before it got too crazy summer hot here in the south…

So, I used a large cake pan (back from my baking days, more on that another day). Really you could use any ol’ container that will hold water… maybe recycle a plastic milk carton or use a little beach bucket.

Fill said container with water and add all sorts of toys.

Place in freezer (time depends on size of container) just check on it every time someone small asks for a snack. Nah- jk- you would never get it to freeze if you check every 3 minutes. Best to let it freeze overnight, though I did it while my bigs were at school and it was ready as soon as they got home.

I gave the kiddos a small bowl of salt, a tray of watercolor paints and paint brushes.

This seriously kept them busy for OVER AN HOUR !!  I was completely shocked with how intrigued they were and continued to be while salt painting and removing the toys. It was AWESOME!


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